Java Resources

Online resources provide detailed information about standards, enhancements, coding styles, tools, solutions, and more. In online forums, you can exchange information, submit questions, and get answers from the experts.

IBM Java Technology Zone
Wonderful resource for tutorials, articles, discussion forums, developer tools, code, and more.

Sun's Java Developer Connection
From the creator of Java, Sun Microsystems, this site is a central place for developers to learn about the latest Java technologies, technical support, online training, and discussion forums.

Sun's Java Tutorial
A practical guide for programmers directly from Sun Microsystems.

The Server Side
A free portal that focuses on J2EE Middleware Technologies, containing related news articles, bug reports, discussions and patterns/reviews.
A portal website for developers provided by Sun Microsystems, O'Reilly and CollabNet.
Provided by Sun Microsystems to accelerate "infotainment" Java services for consumers and the businesses that provide them.

Java Ranch
As a friendly place for Java greenhorns, this site corrals Java questions and answers on topics from beginners to advanced Java and Java Certification.

Portal of Java resources provided by O'Reilly

IT Toolbox for Java
Offers forums for technical discussion, an integrated directory, daily news, and many other services such as job postings etc. geared towards Java professionals and users of Java products.

A web site for the Java community. Java developers can submit demos to CodeCentral and post technical questions to the Forums.

More free tools....Tools and Applications

Open Source J2EE 1.4 Application Server
Apache Geronimo is an open source J2EE application server being developed by the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). See also additional resources for Geronimo.

Hibernate for Java generates SQL, handles object conversion, and keeps applications portable to all SQL databases."

Eclipse Web Tools Platform
Eclipse is an open source and extensible IDE.

by TomBook Reviews

Effective Java Programming Language Guide
by Joshua Bloch
Addison-Wesley Professional
Read the review

JMX in Action
by Benjamin G. Sullins and Mark B. Whipple
Manning Publications
Read the review

More Book Reviews
Tom coordinated and reviewed more than 25 book reviews by DJUG members. Denver JUG book reviews

Fun with Java Technology

TV on the Cellphone
NBC and Fox Television offer select TV shows through MobiTV, which depends on a Java application for viewing TV content on Sprint PCS Vision Phones. The service costs an additional $9.99 per month and is currently available only through Sprint PCS. learn more about MobiTV...

Find Wi-Fi Wherever You Are is compiling a database and maps of free and commercial Wi-Fi nodes throughout the world.

Mobile Java Magazines for Free
If you can tolerate the marketing, you can subscribe to over 60 multimedia magazines for free and download them to your java-enabled mobile phone to read while taking mass transit, at the cafe, etc. Some of the marketing is less apparent, such as articles written by advertisers to promote their products. learn more...

Mars Exploration Rover
Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) used Java-based technology for the Mars Exploration Rover. Scientists use a web interface to specify where the Rover goes, when to take pictures, what data to collect, etc. You can take a virtual test drive...